Direct from (North) Dorset:
craft, food, drink and wood

  A list of Direct from Dorset members in and around North Dorset.
Direct from Dorset is a DCC initiative providing a brand for Dorset craft, food, drink and wood products.

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The Green House
Delivering Local and Organic Foods to Your Door
Child Okeford DT11 8HB Tel 01258 863 716       map
Steve Barrett Stickmaker
Hand-made shepherd's crooks and walking sticks in wood, bone and horn
Sherborne DT9 6AE Tel 01935 815470       map
The Dorset Charcoal Company
Charcoal, kindling and firewood
Hazelbury Bryan DT10 2EB Tel 01258 858064       map
Jonathan Garratt
Unusual terra cotta garden pots from local clay
Wimborne BH21 5QT Tel 01725 517700       map
Blackmore Vale Dairy
Using traditional and modern techniques to produce high quality dairy products
Shaftesbury SP7 8QD Tel 01747 851855       map


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