Lulworth Cove


Although our definition of North Dorset is that 'if you think you're in it you are', Lulworth Cove is clearly out of the area.

It is, however, the nearest coast to us, around 40 minutes away from downtown Gillingham (as the AA flies).

These two links should get you started.

Lulworth Online: seems to be incestuously related to the Castle Inn but does list some other hostelries, and some good photos. Most content added in 12 months to 11/04.

The Lulworth Estate: somewhat of a squire's view of the operation of the extensive Lulworth Estate but since the estate covers 20 square miles and 5 miles of Jurassic Coast and owns and operates most of the facilities in the area, quite a comprehensive site. Behind the Estate are the Weld family who self-describe as 'landowners and environmental custodians' and whose Catholic provenance is described here.

Visiting Lulworth on an unexpectedly sunny spring or autumn day is one of life's greatest pleasures. On a busy bank holiday it's a complete nightmare and the excessive car parking charges suddenly become an irritant.