Feature Coverage

Now you are listed with NDN and have set up a reciprocal link to become an NDN partner you are eligible for NDN Feature Coverage.

Here's how it works.....


Having generated a good cross section of site links for the Directory (over 400 now), NDN is working on editorial and feature content. Some of it will be written by NDN editorial staff and correspondents, but some will be written by NDN Partners such as you.

Partner-written features benefit NDN because they add content to the site which is hopefully useful for people who live in, work in or visit North Dorset; they benefit you because they help build your brand. All features will click through to your web site.

But its a sort of 'advertorial with strings'.

When you send us a draft article or feature, we will look at its quality and its bias. Quality is our provisional view on the readability and interest-level of the piece - whether it is humorous or entertaining; or it might provide uniquely insightful and helpful comment for NDN readers. Bias is a view of how 'salesy' the feature is - an overt sales pitch or a neutral, balanced piece which gets some subtle references to your product or services.

Essentially if Quality> Bias  then we're on to a winner. If not then we have something to talk about - maybe improving the piece, maybe toning down the sales pitch; maybe finding a different way to get your brand across.



Q. Does the article have to be original?

A. No, but if it has been published before we would welcome reassurances over the copyright position.


Q. Can you help to 'polish' the article/ feature?

A. Absolutely. We may also be able to put you in touch with one of our writers/ correspondents who has appropriate interests, if that makes sense.


So what next? Use our contact form to let us know you have a draft feature or an idea for one, and we will give you an email address to contact us on.