North Dorset Campaign Centre

Campaigning - the challenge

The campaigning tradition of local publications is somewhat in retreat these days.

The tradition is threatened firstly by an increasing indifference or even hostility to local politics and a 'disconnectedness' that manifests itself in a belief that the individual can have little effect on what happens around them. Thus people generally wonder if there's any point in expressing their views.

Secondly, many local and regional publications are no longer independently run. So while editors may be minded to support various local campaigns, the extent to which they are able to do so may be constrained - not necessarily by 'dont offend any advertisers' editorial control, more often by being given objectives which don't allow them the time they need.

Current campaigns:

Fairtrade Shaftesbury
Sherborne Wind Energy Project
Allotments in Buckland Newton
Removing Shaftesbury Town Hall provides campaign-space for individuals or groups who want to assess or elicit support for specific objectives.