Online marketing and promotion to Dorset consumers


 Brand Advertising

We will be running banner ads on selected pages in due course. These will click through to your web site. If you  have a brand that you want to promote in the geographic area, then please contact us now. We are happy to consider an impressions-based agreement, or one based on click-through levels. If you are new to online advertising we are happy to walk you through the options.


 Channel Sponsorship

Having built up the directory content of NDN we are now adding more textual content. As we do this we will be looking for channel partners who can generate good content for the site. If you have creative ideas we would like to hear from you.


 Email Broadcasts

NDN can promote your product, list your event and publicise your offers to consumers in North Dorset, South Somerset and West Wilts. Our 'Local Knowledge' email broadcasts reach up to 2000 local consumers and businesses depending on targeting criteria. Our e-cast costs are discounted depending on how information-rich they are - a full-blown sales message carries a zero discount; messages carrying good, relevant  information content are discounted up to 50%, and non-profit messages may be sent out free of charge at NDN's discretion (see also Channel Sponsorship below). Ask for details.

 Classified Ads

We are happy to set up a text page for you. Here's an example.

What does it cost? GBP25 per annum. We may agree some form of barter with you if you can help NDN in some way.  Contact us here and we will create a page for you to review, with no obligation.

Even if you have a website an NDN Classified Ad can help to drive traffic to your site. Although is a relatively new site, it already has a Google Page Rank of 4, and our classified ad can act as a 'gateway' page getting your presence higher up the search engine listings, and thereby generate more visitors.